Delta Sun Times   CRIME ALERT
Contra Costa County

The Office of the Sheriff is issuing this Crime Alert due to an increase in
Residential BURGLARIES occurring in the Discovery Bay area. The
first 11 days of August, 5 BURGLARIES have occurred in the following locations: 

Beach Ct.

Emerson Ct.

Montauk Ct.

Foghorn Way.

The Burglaries
have taken place during the daytime during the week. To reduce your
chances of becoming a victim of Residential Burglary, please follow these
home security measures:

Ensure your home is equipped with good quality deadbolt locks on all
doors leading to the outside (including the door leading into the garage)
and keep them LOCKED AT ALL TIMES.
 Ensure your windows are locked when you are not at home.
 Ensure a lighting source is in place outside every door of your home and
ensure they are illuminated during all hours of darkness.
 Ensure landscaping shrubs are maintained at a height no higher than 36
inches from the ground and tree canopies extend no lower than 7 feet
from the ground.
 Use defensive landscaping (thorny plants or plants with needles) as
barriers to vulnerable access points (i.e. windows and fence lines).
 Install an alarm system and use it faithfully.
Call 9-1-1 to report an emergency or a crime in progress.
Call (925) 646-2441 to report a non-emergency situation or a crime that
is not in progress.
Most crimes are crimes of opportunity and criminals are always looking for
the easiest target, so please take the necessary steps to prevent yourself from
becoming that easy target.
For information on starting a
“Neighborhood Watch Program”
contact your neighborhood
Crime Prevention Specialist
Anthony Fontenot at (925) 634-0585         Amanda Dove
Delta Sun Times
(925) 408-8332 / Direct