Supervisor Mary Nejedly Piepho Calls on Sky Diving Industry To Account for Divers Following the horrific discovery of a parachutist a day after he took a fatal sky diving jump, it was learned that there are no regulations or practices in place that require for the accounting of people once they have jumped from a plane. “I was shocked and outraged to learn that someone could take a sky diving jump from a plane and there not be procedures to account for them back on the ground following the jump. I am calling on the sky diving industry, the U.S. Parachute Assoc. and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to put regulations in place that confirm a safe landing for every individual that parachutes from a plane. Absent the industry taking quick and bold action, the state legislature should consider legislation to address the need for this common sense yet unregulated safety measure.” At approximately 3:00 pm on Sunday, an experienced sky diver made his second jump of the day and was found dead on Monday morning near Byron, a day after he did not return home from skydiving.

By Delta Sun Times

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