Early Saturday evening there was a car accident near the bridge at Union Point Marina.   While we have yet to receive a return call from the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department, witnesses tell us a car passing Union Point Marina missed the hairpin turn and ended up in the water.   The passenger was reportedly able to escape but the driver was stuck.  According to witnesses, a number of people tried and did eventually free the driver, then tried to revive him, but with no success – when the ambulance arrived paramedics were also apparently unable to revive him.  
Full details and confirmations were not available at the time of this posting, and we will update this report when we have received details for the San Joaquin Sheriff”s Public Information Officer.
Note from Phil @ Union Point:   “This is what happened. A single car traveling past union point from Tracy blvd.towards discovery bay traveling in excess of 50 miles per hour failed to make the turn to go on to the bridge it then flew over the levy and somehow landed upside down under the bridge with in seconds of the accident  customers and employees of Union Point had swam and ran to the car that was completely under water upside down, one male that was in the car had gotten out, we asked him if there was anyone else in the car he said yes one person the driver, at that point 6 to 8 heroic men  were in the water and diving under to free the trapped man, they could feel him and he was not moving and was seat belted in the men diving in could not get the seat belt to release, but they did not give up they finally got the belt cut and pulled the man from the submerged car, it took over 8 minutes to get him out. at that time they could not get him up the levy be cause of the steep terrain  so the started to give him CPR at the bottom of the levy they gave him CPR for about ten minutes and still no rescue response by then it had been over 20 minutes sense we had called 911 the group of people then pulled the man up the levy and started CPR again at that time rescue workers arrived they continued to administer CPR and took him away in a ambulance. I talked to the passenger and he told me that they were both 21years old hispanic males from concord. later that night the car was pulled out of the delta at that time I asked a hwy patrol officer about the driver and he told me he did not make it. I spoke with a lady who had watched the car go by and she said the were flying and never applied there brakes. The road has no skid marks and when talking to the passenger he seemed as thou he maybe drunk but he could have just been in shock! One thing is for sure that the customers of union point that were eating lunch on the deck who with in seconds threw them self’s in harms way to save a complete stranger are awesome I could only hope that if I am ever in a life or death situation that the people around me will be as brave and diligent as those people were.”