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Urging All DBPOA members to Vote

I read with interest the letter from Bruce McKay, one of three candidates for the DBPOA Board working together with a current Board member to gain control from their stated “same bunch of folks for the past 20 years”.  I’m sure Mr McKay is a decent person, but there are three points in his letter that I would like to comment on as well as urge all members to vote.

First he and his group are clearly misguided in thinking that working to get 1640 individual property owners to maintain some uniform compliance with the adopted standards is a job for volunteers.  There is substantial administrative support that would overwhelm volunteers.

The second point is that trying to accomplish this effort for the membership with a budget based on an assessment of $25 per year is just not sustainable.  Nearly half of that figure is needed to pay the insurance needed for an association of our size.

The third point is that the stated “same bunch of folks” has encompassed more than 50 different individual DBPOA members over that 20 year period.  It is hard to believe this group were all working in coordination to cause the problems referred to in Mr. McKays comments.  I am sure they all had a positive attitude to see that the Association worked to get CC&R compliance.  The unfortunate reality of this sort of task is that you have taken on the job to get folks to fix things that most people do on their own which creates a small group of unhappy campers even though all benefit from the maintenance that has been done.

With this in mind be sure to read the candidate statements that came with your ballot and VOTE. The bottom line is that we get a large number of the DBPOA members to vote to insure that the Board elected, represents the ideals of a majority of the membership.

Bob Lyman, A Concerned DBPOA Member

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6 thoughts on “Letters”

  2. Great letter and to the point. Go visit places such as Bethel Island with no Assoc or CC&R’s and look at the difference. quazi talks Nazi. If you want change; be a part of the solution not the problem.
    quazi must have wanted something and did not get it.

    Dear Neighbors !
    As a newcomer to Discovery Bay and having worked and lived many places in the world, I am struck every day by what an exceptional place this is to live. My wife and I feel truly blessed to have finally realized our dream of owning a home here by the water. It took us nearly four years of searching and visiting DB for house hunting almost every week-end.
    We are boating enthusiasts, as I guess most of us are who live on deep water and we became re-committed to our search just over a year ago after enjoying a beautiful October week on a rented houseboat cruising and exploring the Delta. We are excited about the opportunity living here will afford us to continue that exploration and we’re looking forward to having a boat. All being well, the one in the picture will arrive soon !

    But my purpose in writing is to encourage you to vote in this upcoming election. I was asked to stand for one of the vacant seats on the Board as I am involved in HOA’s in my line of work. I run a group of resorts and those resorts are themselves operated collectively as a giant Home Owners Association with over 70 resort destinations comprising condominium and vacation home developments of anything from 20 to 450 units. Many are heavily involved in the greater HOA’s of the communities wherein they are located so my colleagues and I sit on several similar Boards. I have been serving on and working with HOA Boards as either a Board Member or Management Company representative for many years and have gained an understanding of what works and what doesn’t.
    Successful and financially solid Property Owners Associations require co-operation, consensus and common sense solutions to community living. You are always going to have opportunities for disagreement when you get several hundred or several thousand home owners living in a community. Diversity of views is inevitable and healthy. What matters is being able to work with different views in a constructive – not in a combatitive manner. Property Owners Associations cannot afford litigation. It is seldom a good route to solving problems. It is expensive, divisive and should be unnecessary in a community unless there is blatant disregard for the commonly agreed framework of rules which members generally sign up to when they join. Seldom are those rules designed to make life more difficult for members. More usually they are designed to protect the common good of the community as a whole as well as its members individually.
    The most important aspects in any community are that there (1) be engagement on the part of the members and (2) that there be a Board made up of people whom the majority of members trust and believe will act in the best interests of the community. That is why it is so important to vote. You will get the board you elect – but only if you VOTE. It would be unfortunate if only a few of the many people who will be affected by the way the future of DBPOA is managed, elect its governing Board of Directors in a few weeks time. It is clear that there are different views among the candidates running for office. That’s OK – indeed it’s healthy. What I think is most important is that the elected candidates are people with integrity, common sense, good judgment and knowledge about Community Governance and Community Management.
    So make sure you vote and get your opinion counted. Vote for the candidates whose views make the most sense to you. But what ever you do, please do vote.

    Stuart Humphreys CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Associations®)

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