Boat Explosion at Reef Court –   (updated)

A boat explosion rocked the Discovery Bay neighborhood around Reef Court, shortly before 10:00 AM Tuesday morning. The explosion caught a second boat (the houseboat to the left in the photo) and dock on fire at that residence and also the dock and awning next door at the Peffer residence. 

No major damage to homes but I encountered the owner being treated by paramedics for painful-looking burn injuries to his arms, and mistook him for a first responder.  It seems he was preparing the boat for permanent removal on the 15th, but I haven’t yet confirmed that with the Sheriff’s Marine Patrol.

 I first posted that the owners were “reportedly” Bob Beauregard and Vicki Renfrow (according to two neighbors and a fireman) – however, Bob and Vicki told me Tuesday evening they sold the vessel about four years ago – but live across the street and were present for the accident.   Neighbors reported the boat had sunk and been salvaged at least three times prior to it exploding today, however Bob Beauregard tells us there has been only one Vessel Assist salvage. 

In 12 years, I’ve never printed a Bonehead Boater where there were injuries, as that’s a humor column, and I’m not going to start now.  Let’s be glad we don’t have another tragedy on our hands and wish the owner a speedy recovery!

Photo by Anta Dolence