Saturday, September 18, 2010, at approximately, 11:15 am, there was a second incident at Sunset Park of a stranger trying to coax a young child into leaving with him. This time it happened in the bathroom near the snack bar to an 11-year-old boy, a football player. Again, the child was wise enough to recognize the intent of the stranger and did not go with him. The “Stranger” matches the description from the previous incident with our Impact player at the back gate last week. He used the same line: “Your mom sent me to pick you up; your game is cancelled.” Fortunately, a detailed description was given to the Brentwood police: “Hispanic Male, 50-65 years of age. Approximately 5;8”, skinny build. Thick, black with some grey, neck-length hair. Unshaven with facial hair and wrinkles. Smelled like “dirty clothes, looked homeless. Wearing silver round glasses, tan baseball hat with white writing, white T-shirt, black jacket, blue jeans and white New Balance shoes. Smoking a cigarette.” Please be aware that the Brentwood Police Department is working diligently to find this stranger. They will be working on securing plain clothes officers at Sunset starting September 19th. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO BE UNACCOMPANIED AT SUNSET PARK OR ANY OTHER AREA PARK. Please discuss the dangers of these people and the approaches that someone might take to manipulate them. Tell them to TELL SOMEONE RIGHT AWAY! We need to get this guy and any others caught as soon as possible. Anyone seeing anything suspicious, please report it right away. – ———  EDYSL Communications Director