Please take a moment to review the information and respond as appropriate prior to November 21, 2010… Below is a link to a survey provided by the Economic Sustainability Plan Framework Planning Team, to get input on the Preliminary Draft Economic Sustainability Plan Framework. The link to this survey is intended for those people who did NOT attend one of the four workshops in the last few weeks Please review the Preliminary Draft Economic Sustainability Plan Framework Study documents prior to taking the survey, especially Volume I, which describes the Framework. The documents can be accessed from the Economic Sustainability Plan page on the DPC’s web site: 

The survey itself is short and simple. You have until November 21st to complete the on-line survey. Results will be tabulated and posted the week of November 22nd. Further, we will review the meeting summaries and survey results at upcoming Economic Sustainability Committee and Delta Protection Commission meetings in December (dates TBA).

Please access the survey at (click below – if it does not take you directly to the survey, simply cut and paste the same address in your internet browser’s navigation bar):

For additional information or if you are experiencing any problems taking the survey, please email or call: Seann Rooney Economic Sustainability Plan Framework Planning Team c/o The Rooney Tate Group 1818 L Street – Suite 615, Sacramento, CA 95811 p: 916- 447-1960 c: 916-765-5052