Dear Editor:    I wanted to give you a heads up and make sure our community is aware of the Crime happening in our Neighborhoods.  This year has been an interesting one at best. Over the last three months I’ve had 3 clients get Burlarized.  The most recent is a tragic situation for my good friend and client.
Jason and Alli Ruckteschler live off of Marsh Creek between 4 and Bixler Rd.  He and his wife had left for work and within 1 hour a neighbor called and had noticed both the garage and front door were open and investigated to find out they were broken into.  The loss is close to $100,000 in stolen items.  This famility has been hit especially hard thru this economy and was not in any financial position for this loss.  They lost family heirlooms that can’t be replaced.  The Sheriff has a list of items stolen as well as us as their Agents.  Over half of the loss was Jewelry and the thiefs did extensive damage to the structure while pulling the flat screens off the walls.
Of the three burglaries I’ve seen this year, not one of these homes had a burglar alarm.  Not to say this will stop the burglar, but during these times I highly reccomend that our residents protect their belongings and purchase some type of central alarm system.  The Sheriff aslo made the same reccomendation.
—- Glenn Hoffman, Discovery Bay Insurance Services/Farmers
2 thoughts on “Discovery Bay Burglaries”
  1. Also in this blog, see last week’s notice about the Bixler Road go-cart theft and tragic car accident following. Sent by the Pastorini family.

  2. Glenn-

    Good post, the more we know about thse things the more prepared we’ll be for it.

    Our family’s hearts go out to families hit by these scumbags. Also, The Pastorini story is beyond sad…

    I have an ADT system on my house that Russ VanEmmerick set up for me . I also have automatic flood lights around the perimeter of the home. Both of these systems were cost effective and I believe help keep the bad guys from thinking about hitting my (or my immediate neighbors homes).

    For my fellow Discovery Bay Residents – keep your eyes open, sheriff’s number handy, and be smart about your family and property. LOCK your doors and install security devices. Aside from the alarm (which only triggers once they’re already inside your home), think about lights to deter them from coming toward your home.

    Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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