Commodore Cup – Nancy & Ev Waterous– Radio Flyer wagon Santa moving along pulling the Wagon filled with presents.  Jack in the Box in back of wagon poping open and closed
Large Boat Member  Cherly and Mark Anderson
Large Boat Member–Art Mc Sherry
Small Boat Member-1st-Cathy and Craig Chutka
Small Boat Member- 2nd- Don and Eylen Payne
Non Member–Kevin Hinman–70 ft house boat
Non Member- 2nd–Tim Rolan- with green Christmas tree
Non Member–3rd- Frank Morgan
        Tie        3rd–Greg Taylor
There were 14 boats in this years Lighted Boat Parade organized by the Discovery Bay Yacht Club. Non ‘t Members out number, the members boats 5 to 9. The Discovery Bay Yacht Club especially welcomed the effort of those new boaters who participated. 
Photos Courtesy of Stacey Chance – Discovery Bay, CA