Please join the Beyer family in welcoming home their son, Nick, returning from the Persian Gulf on January 6th, at 6:00 PM
Nick Beyer is coming home to Discovery Bay, on Thursday, January 6th!
Nicks mother, Annette Beyer, tells us the “planning for Nick’s homecoming is going great. We want this to be a complete surprise for him.”
Nick is in the Navy and has been on the carrier the USS Harry S. Truman in the Persian Gulf since last May. His son’s name is Blake and he will be 3 years old in Jan. This was his second long deployment. While on his first, he missed his son being born. Nick is 25 and grew up in Discovery Bay.
The Freedom riders and various groups will be picking up the family and escorting them back to their house (5340 River Point, DB), where they will do celebration and presentation.
HOW TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT:  Discovery Bay residents have proven to be great supporters of our military families – lining the streets with American flags, welcome home signs, and cheering waves of support.  Please join your community in supporting Nick Beyer –  Nick will be in the All in One Limousine coming from the Boardwalk Grill on Marina Road, along Willow Lake Road and past the school, past the Discovery Bay Shopping Center, and down Discovery Bay Blvd. to River Point.
Please do not park on River Point, to allow room for the family and friends.  But you are welcome to follow the procession to their home where presentations will be made in front of their home.