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  1. I wonder if the writer of the letter attacking my statements, that were printed in the Feb 4 issue of the DB Press, would instead support my statements if he knew that when the DB CSD sells merchandise they intend to continue to take cash (funny how the DB Press writer left that little fact out….guess it didn’t fit with her agenda)? So going forward they will take my $20 for a t-shirt but will not take my nickel for a public record. What kind of reasonable logic is that? The reason I stated that they were not being truthful when they said safety was a big concern is that safety was never previously brought up as issue and if it was/is an issue why would they still take cash (in various locations) for merchandise? I firmly believe this whole no-cash thing was an effort first and foremost to quite those who question government and to take away a right we all have……now you may be ok with giving up your rights, no matter how seemingly insignificant, but I am not.

    So I hope we are in agreement that this issue is a waste of time. I’m glad the individual behind it all is no longer involved in government but I am disappointed those presently elected have not yet stepped through the cloud of manipulation and self-interest that, over the last 10 years, has been built-up around the DB CSD. I do however see a change coming and I look forward to an improved focus on the issues that matter like the long overdue sewer/water master plan, better budgeting and the proactive setting of overall priorities that will guide this community forward.

    And before you hang too much on the altruistic nature of being a BD CSD director keep in mind money is indeed involved. Did you know that recently they paid themselves $100 each, plus expenses, to attend a chamber of commerce party? Did you know that one of the sitting directors made a direct payment to his wife, under the pretense of ‘consulting’, of almost 25% of all the campaign money he took in for the recent election?

    I say rather than the public backing off….. the public needs to keep their eyes open and when something does not seem right speak-up with the intent to cause our little DB government entity to grow-up and do what we need them to be doing rather than wasting their time and limited resources chasing down those that dare to question.



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