Splash Pad for Discovery Bay Park

Construction of a new water play area has begun at Ravenswood Park in Discovery Bay.  

Ravenswood Park, located at Cullen and Bronte Drives, is better known as “Pirate Park” to locals, due to it’s pirate ship-shaped play structure.  In addition, the park also features a play ground, large grass field, barbeques, picnic tables, and benches.

Now under construction at the park is a new “Splash Pad” water play area and solar lighting project, expected to be completed in March – well ahead of the hot Discovery Bay summer.  The Splash Pad will include a thirty-foot diameter Splash Zone, and an additional five-foot perimeter splash free zone.  Water fountains will be emitted from ground level sprays, triggered by an activator so a child has to be there to turn it on, creating water tunnels, fountains, and a variety of different water formations, all set to a timer. 

Fairin Perez, Landscape Manager for the Town of Discovery Bay, describes the Splash Zone as “a completely interactive play area.  It’s so exciting to see it completed.”

3 thoughts on “Splash Pad for Discovery Bay Park”
  1. This is a wonderful step forward for the kids in Discovery Bay! Keep up the good work!!!! Now….let’s see if we can get things rolling for the dog lovers in town- how ’bout a dog park??? I usually take our pooch to King’s Park in Brentwood, and have talked to many folks over there from DB looking for something a little closer to home.

    1. absolutley, since when is Discovery Bay so unfriendly to dogs? Almost every house has a k-9 and no where to take them for excerise….what is up?

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