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As expected, the local fire board is proceeding into the next phase of the new tax (benefit assessment) process and re-opening the closed stations is NOT part of the plan. BUT….they are going to raise new money to increase 4 of the 6 stations to 3-0 and in two of the stations they will put ALS (advanced life support) capability on the truck. So basically they have given a big F-you to DB and the entire the East end of the district. The board president (councilman stonebarger from Brentwood) was the most direct about this and said at one point that DB does not even pay for what we have today let alone anything more (which is false).

The only hope we have of improving our fire safety/ALS is to come together as a community to defeat this at the ballot box. If it passes we will never have adequate coverage. If it fails they will have to come up with another plan that is more acceptable to a wider range of voters. The amount they are are going to put on the ballot is about $100 per year per single family parcel, none of that money will directly benefit this community but Knightsen, Bethel Island, Brentwood and Oakley will see staffing increases and have more ALS coverage. Sending out a negative message on this needs to start now and needs to be spread beyond DB/Byron.

It was so incredibly evident watching the process last night that the county Board of Supervisors has really let this community down. For years they neglected this fire district then they walked away from the problem and handed it to a board stacked with individuals only interested in Brentwood/Oakley. mary piepho needs to be held personally accountable for this travesty.  If this  apathetic community lets her get politically away with this then shame on us.

–  Jeff Barber

One thought on “Fire District Meeting Not Good for Disco Bay”
  1. I completely agree with Mr. Barber.

    The district damaged the confidence I have in it when the commissioners voted to close two of the three fire stations in the Discovery Bay/Byron community to save an inconsequential amount of money. More resources were brought closer to Brentwood and Oakley and taken away from the unincorporated areas of Discovery Bay, Byron and Knightsen.

    The confidence was damaged further when the commissioners voted to spend more money than was even being saved by closing the stations to fund an election to ask for more money.

    Whatever confidence remained is now completely gone when I hear that the district refuses to discuss reopening either of the two closed fire stations even if the new tax is passed.

    How can one fire truck be sufficient to cover this large territory, three commercial transit corridors, an airport, four schools, nearly 20,000 residents and primary delta access points?

    It is clear that our community is not represented properly or fairly and the district’s decision making process is driven by the needs of the cities (Brentwood and Oakley) at the expense of the unincorporated regions (Knightsen, Bethel Island, Discovery Bay and Bryon).

    I agree with Mr. Barber that the only hope we have of improving our fire safety/ALS is to come together as a community to defeat this new benefit assessment tax at the ballot box. If it passes we will NEVER have adequate coverage.

    Any viable solution to the district’s financial struggles will come after this tax is voted down and include an analysis of receivership or bankruptcy, other sources of personnel, and a properly elected commission.

    I understand the Brentwood and Oakley politicians most want to do what is best for the people that elected them. The problem is they are supposed to represent the entire fire district and therein lies the conflict.

    Please folks, spread the word to defeat this tax for Brentwood and Oakely service enhancements!

    Don Flint

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