Two Dog attack at Cornell Park

A Pit Bull attack occurred at Cornell Park last friday morning at approximaely 10 am.  A Discovery Bay woman was walking her small dogs on a leash at Cornell Park when, it was reported, two dogs, one of them being a Pit Bill, charged from the tennis court gates and severely mauled one of the small dogs and the Pit Bull mauled her other dog.  The first dog is described as being white and brindle in color, but it’s breed is unknown.

Personal information was exchanged, but it appears the information provided was false. There are other reports that this is not the first incident with these Pit Bulls.

There may be a reward for information, as the veterinary bills have mounted beyond $2,500.00.   The dog owner and his girlfriend said they were visiting, but may in fact be local residents.   This story will be updated as more details become available.

This incident will be discussed at the April 6th Town of Discovery Bay CSD meeting.  7pm, 1900 Willow Lake Road.

Contact the Discovery Bay Resident Deputies (646-2441) or click the comment link here.

One thought on “Dog Attack at Cornell Park”
  1. I have been to the park several times where there are dogs off of leashes. The signs are displayed for dogs to be on leashes, but they are not read. Recently, I have been there when several young men and women have brought their pitbulls to the covered eating area. They were not on leashes. Sorry to say, this in no way surprises me. Carry something as a dog deterrent when going to that park.
    I am betting that this person lives in Discovery Bay and didn’t want their true identity to be out.

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