Today, Supervisor Mary Nejedly Piepho testified on behalf of the Delta Counties Coalition (DCC) at the federal hearing on water in Fresno, California. The hearing was called by the Subcommittee on Water and Power of the House Natural Resources Committee. Supervisor Piepho testified in an effort to counteract the ongoing attempts to erode federal and state protections for the Delta. Supervisor Piepho was there on behalf of the Delta County Boards of Supervisors that encompass the Delta: Sacramento, Yolo, Solano, San Joaquin and Contra Costa. Together, they represent more than four million Californians that live and work in the Delta.

Two-thirds of our state relies on water that flows through the Delta and it is an ecosystem of national significance that supports not only our state and nation’s food supply, but that of the world. Supervisor Piepho encouraged our federal delegation to work together with the DCC in solving the very serious water challenges facing our regions and the state, rather than solutions that might benefit one region of California at the expense of others.

The DCC is opposed to any such effort that would arbitrarily block legal protections for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and its fisheries. “Such an effort, if enacted into law, would, in our view, undermine the fragile collaborative approaches that are just beginning work to solve California’s immense, and historical, water problems,” said Supervisor Piepho. “In California, we have a new Governor, a new Administration, and a new approach to our state’s complex water management challenge – an approach that we believe needs to be given a chance to succeed, and the Delta Counties Coalition has been constructively engaged in these efforts.” “We must focus on responsible science-based water management, with conservation, storage, and recycling playing a prominent role – balancing our water needs and creating jobs across the Golden State,” said Congressman John Garamendi, a Member of the House Natural Resources Committee. “We need a balanced all-California water approach that meets the needs of all Californians while protecting the communities of the Delta.” Supervisor Piepho and the DCC are most concerned about the provisions of H.R.     One that would essentially block federal and state protections and, would thereby threaten Delta communities and the greater Bay Area region, that rely on a healthy Delta environment and clean water to support a regional economy dependent on farming, fishing, and recreation.