The Celebration of Life for JEFF DAWSON was held Saturday April 30th at the Discovery Bay Country Club.

It is with great sadness that I share with you the sudden passing of Jeff Dawson. Discovery Bay’s Harbormaster, friend, DB Lion, community volunteer and leader… a huge part of Discovery Bay was lost Easter Sunday.   

Jeff’s brief illness took a turn for the worst Sunday morning, and he passed suddenly. Jeff leaves behind two beautiful children and a community of friends.

On Saturday, April 30th, close to 500 people gathered at the Discovery Bay Country Club for Jeff Dawson’s Celebration of Life.  Jeff’s closest friends, from past and present, shared wonderful memories and photos of Jeff – the wonderful friend and loving father he was.

On Sunday, May 1st, The Patriot Jet Team performed a Six ship Fly By in honor of Jeff at 5:12 pm.  Two jets first, then four – all with smoke – one then did the “missing man” pull out, a moving tribute to Discovery Bay’s finest:  Jeff Dawson 

Jeff Dawson was a great Discovery Bay leader, and will be missed tremendously.  Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings here (click the comment link above) and we will share these with his family.

  1. Jeff,
    You will be missed and remembered fondly. I have many great memories of you, a great group of friends, and good times shared together. May you rest in peace.

  2. Anyone who knew Jeff lost a great friend. You don’t meet people like him everyday…….

  3. My heart goes out to the entire Dawson Family. I am saddened for you all! Our families grew up one block apart. Although I was younger than Jeff, I definitley remember him. I remember his family and weiner dogs 🙂 RIP Jeff.

  4. The Dawson family was a huge part of the joy of living on Sitka Drive. I remember all the cars, trucks and motorcycles that Jeff was always driving or fixing up.He had a water bed that we all loved to jump on and we’d use his CB to talk to and meet up with complete strangers. He dated my sister Courtney but at one point or another all the neighborhood girls had a crush on him. His sister Lynnie, Courtney and I had many adventures that would eventually end at Jack in the Box, so Lynnie could get her tacos! Mr and Mrs D were so sweet and funny…Much love to the Dawson Family and to Jeff up in heaven. XOXO

    1. Stacey, you’ve got it right. The Dawson’s were a huge part of life as we know it growing up on Sitka Dr/Ct. My sister, Liz, was one of his girlfriends (if you can call it that at age 6 or 7 LOL). We were so lucky to have so many families with kids around the same age to hang out with. My heart goes out to the entire Dawson family.

  5. Jeff will be greatly missed. Our prayers and thoughts to out to the Dawson Family. A special hug for Ron from Margo. Love The Dominguez Family

    1. Sitka Dr in the 70’s centered around the Dawson family. Living next door I spent most of my childhood with Jeff and the entire Dawson Family. It wont’ be the same knowing that Jeff isn’t out at Discovery Bay as Harbormaster. My heart goes out to Jeff’s wife and children and to Ron and Lynn.

  6. We loved being over there playing with the Dawsons and everyone else on Sitka Drive/Court. Jeff was always fun to be around and would make many laugh. Our thoughts are with his folks and his sister at this time.

  7. My heart goes out to the entire Dawson family. I knew Jeff as a kid growing up in the Woodlands. I have some fun memories of those times with him. Rest in peace Jeff.

  8. Discovery bay will never be the same. How many times you came to our rescue as a harbormaster and dear friend. We just spent special time with you at the marina and will be looking at that crow with a whole new meaning. So many great memories. My thoughts and prayers to Pam, kids and all the Dawson family. We love you Jeff.
    Patsy & Tim

  9. Jeff and I were absolute best friends for a time, teenagers.. Jeff had two cars at that point; there was the ‘Cuda (such an amazing car). And what was probably a ’63 bug…red paint and rust, the fenders flapped when the car accelerated quickly, the front seats were for some reason always in rotation. On the days both seats were out,
    we would both sit on overturned milk crates-we could barely see over the dash… and we were going through a Urban Cowboy/Smokey and the Bandit thing. we wore pricey cowboy hats with feather bands that cost as much as the hat.
    We would cruise the Main… anyone looking at us would see a flimsy oxidized bug-maroon VW, two boisterous cowboy hats, maybe our eyes, and hear Molly Hatchet playing way too loud on the too shitty tape deck.
    We were trying to meet girls…

    Gods Speed Jeff,
    Chris Wade

  10. My prayers go out to the Dawson Family. They were such a big part of my childhood. I always looked up to Jeff as one of the big kids on Sitka. Will never forget his cars in the front and our first weiner dog that we got from the Dawsons. God Bless Jeff and his family.

  11. Heartfelt sympathies to the entire Dawson family for your loss! I am one of those who looked up to Jeff as the coolest guy on Sitka Dr.

    Sounds like we need a Sitka reunion to share stories in Jeff’s honor!

  12. We are all so lucky to have known Jeff. He was so thoughtful and such a good man. He has left his mark on all of us. You went too soon, my friend. May you rest in peace.

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