Lost Isle’s Return to the Delta

It’s true. The proprietors of Lost Isle are preparing to re-open Lost Isle in 2012, after the completion of the first of a three phase redevelopment of the island. The first phase will include a new restaurant, bar, docks, and bathrooms.  It has been a long and very expensive process, with the permit process alone involving twenty different agencies in San Joaquin County.

Lost Isle was closed in 2009 following a stabbing fatality. The new Lost Isle will feature strongly enhanced security measures, including a drivers license scanner which can store information and ban troublemakers from the island.

The resort features live music, beach volleyball, and famous mai tai’s. A spokesperson for the California Delta Chambers and Visitors Bureau stated that Lost Isle is good for many Delta businesses, as it draws visitors from beyond the Delta, who pay for hotel rooms and campsites, use local fuel docks, and pay launch and berthing fees at marinas.

One thought on “Lost Isle’s Return to the Delta”
  1. We hope Lost Isle reopens. It is surely missed on the Delta. Looking forward to it in 2012..we hope.

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