The Town of Discovery Bay’s recently formed Communications Committee met this afternoon (July 19)  for it’s first official discussion. 

Items discussed included the communication goals of the Town of Discovery Bay, suggestions as to how the Town can better reach out to and involve the community at large, and rough plans to pursue more information about digital communication, social networking, and signage options that may be considered.

It was recognized by committee members that most residents simply don’t have the time to attend Town meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month.  Because of this, a large segment of the community is not heard from.

One example of this problem is with the Discovery Bay Survey.  The survey is the design of the Community Center Committee, who will use the survey to determine where the community center will be built, and the amenities that will be featured there.  With only 62 responses thus far, it is clear the community is not receiving the message.  Busy, working families may be missing the importance of the survey and the community center itself.  The Communications Committe is exploring new ways to get this message, and many others, out to residents. 

If you’re interested in the Survey:

If you’re interested in the Town of Discovery Bay web site:

The Communications Committe consists of  Kevin Graves (chair), Chris Steele (vice chair), Chris Middleton, Jennifer Mixon, and Amanda Dove.