7th grader Troy Mayhood was riding his bike Friday, when he swerved around a trailer only to colide with an oncoming vehicle.  From Timber Point Elementary School, near the accident, Troy was transported by helicopter to Childrens Hospital.  Today, Troy Mayhood is lucky to be alive.

AUG. 6:  Here is the note from his mother, Julie:   “Troy arrived at children’s hospital last night after being hit by a car. He was thrown 20-30 feet. He was helicoptered, Childrens Hospital in Oakland. He was taken off the ventilator last night. He is badly bruised and has road rash everywhere and a… broken nose. In alot of pain. The doctors and nurses say it is a miracle that he is alive and must be meant to do something great in his life.”

AUG. 7:    Troy Mayhood update, from his mom, Julie:
“He has a severe concusion, broken nose, jaw and right leg. We just found out that he will not need any surgery for all his injuries. Keep in mind things change minute to minute here. He can be totaly coherent and know things about himself for several hours like last night. Then not belive I’m his mother. Breaks my heart. but I’m so glad God provided us with this miracle and he is alive. Thank you friends and family. Keep Troy in your prayers.”

Troy remains at Children’s Hospital ICU

If you’d like to send a message to Troy – there is a Facebook page set up for him, titled:  ‘Get Well Troy Mayhood’