Wondering why you didn’t get the Community Warning System automated call, from the Contra Costa County Sheriff last night (9/12), when so many of your neighbors did?

Specialist Eve Ridgers, of the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff’s Emergency Services Division told us this morning:   “As for the “list” (of who gets automated calls)…  We have the ability to call land lines, listed and unlisted, throughout the county, without having people sign up for this.  This is an automatic system, and the phone numbers are given to us from the phone company and updated monthly. 

We do ask the public to register their cell phones by going online to www.cws.cccounty.us .  This is a voluntary program.  Here they can submit their cell phone number and choose the parts of the county by city or zip code that they want to be notified of in case of an emergency.  We currently have approx. 6,000 cell phones registered, and anticipate another 150+ this week. “
Stay tuned for further details on this topic – here, at the Delta Sun Times Daily News Link, or on the Discovery Bay APP – for iPhones and Android phones.
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