Discovery Bay Survey Results

The Town of Discovery Bay Community Center Committee developed an online Community Survey this summer, which closed in October.  Their goal was to identify what Discovery Bay residents want out of a Community Center.  Where they want it to be, and what types of facilities and activities residents would like the center to offer.

The results of that survey are now in, and were presented to the CSD Directors on October 19th.  Some highlights of that survey are:

Location:  52.1% of all survey respondents preferred the proposed Community Center to be at the corner ofDiscovery Bay Blvd. and Willow Lake Road.  There are two possibilities here:  The empty lot owned by Hoffman Company, or purchase the land owned by the Discovery Bay Athletic Club.

Activities and Facilities:  Respondents said it was “Very Important” the center offer classes, such as CPR, first aid, and cooking (51.7%).  Meeting rooms (50.4%), a Play Structure, Pool, and Fitness Classes also topped the list.  Also mentioned as important were a dog park, basketball court, theater/auditorium, skate park, arts and crafts room, splash area, tennis and other sports areas.

Classes:  If classes were offered, 61.4% said they would take cooking classes at the center, with similar high percentages for aerobics, dance and yoga, nutrition, gardening, and CPR classes.

Building and Development:  more than 70% of respondents said they would donate their time to the building and development of the community center, while only 38% said they would willingly donate money to the effort.  Asked about a Parcel Tax on property, results were mixed, but 38.9% said Absolutely Not.

Ongoing Operation:  More than 54% of respondents said they would pay use fees for the center, such as for classes or facility rentals. 50.5% said they would donate their time to the ongoing operation of the Community Center.

Parcel Tax:  If there were a parcel tax proposed for the Community Center, more than 79% said they would support a tax of $50-$100.

Other details:  The vast majority of respondents were age 40-65, and less than half had children living at home. 

The complete list of Survey Results are available at the Town of Discovery Bay web site:  or here:  SurveyResults-Final