What are your thoughts on putting an electronic sign, such as the one pictured here, at the corner of Bixler Road and Highway 4 (on the Centex homes corner across from the Safeway gas station)?

The Town of Discovery Bay could use this to inform the community about important upcoming meetings, events, emergencies, road closures, etc.  This is one of several ideas coming out of the Communications Committee established by the Town of DB to identify new ways to reach residents.

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8 thoughts on “Discovery Bay Electronic Sign?”
  1. I would like to know what the people who voted NO are thinking about. I’m sure there are good reasons for not wanting an informational sign in our community but I can’t imagine what some of those reason may be,

    1. I think a sign such as this would be an unnecessary luxury for our small town and would rather see the money used to support community programs or events the same sign would have advertised … like money to be used to support the parade of lights … just my two pennies:)

      – Jill Sprenkel

  2. it would be better if we had to have a sign to be at the entrance of Discovery Bay blvd and highw. 4. Or at both, I like putting out information, I don’t like the sign’s design… looks like a masoleum in a cemetery!

    1. Keep in mind that we can only afford one sign, as we are trying to find a method which must reach the ENTIRE community. More than hald of which livs on the western side of Discovery Bay. Also, this is NOT the sign – just a photo of a digital sign. Discovery Bay would add it’s own, unique style to the sign, and select a size that fits our needs.

  3. I think it’s a waste of the town’s money. It’s an expensive and inefficient form of communication. A more commonly used form of communication with the town residents would be via town newsletter (mailed to homes or emailed) or a Facebook page. For example Brentwood Chamber of Commerce, East Bay Regional Parks District, Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed all have Facebook pages.

  4. Execution will determine if this becomes a photo worthy landmark that serves the community or a piece of suburban blight.
    At it’s best it can be an effective way to communicate events to a demographic formally unreachable by current means and at the same time it can reflect Discovery Bay’s unique the Delta /Bay aesthetic. I am a designer by trade and realize something like this can be a very positive and unifying project for the community.

    Please support this project.

  5. Are you kidding me with all these negative comments regarding a beautiful Discovery Bay information board?! This is very classy and would fit in with Discovery Bay instead of all the cardboard signs around town that looks cheap and cheesy. Welcome new Disco Bay sign!

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