Dear Editor:   

Attached are two letters regarding the Delta Waterways…one is a response to the Department of Fish & Game regarding Striped Bass Fishing, the other is to the Bureau of Reclamation from the Attorney for Save the California Delta Alliance (STCDA) here in Discovery Bay. 

Save the California Delta Letter:     Firstamdmoucommentsfinal

Fish and Game Response Letter:    LettertoFish&GamereStripedBass

STCDA is NOW on facebook…. To respond to Fish & Game use this url

 —–  Karen J. Mann,

 2011 Discovery Bay Yacht Club Commodore

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  1. Oh my god they look amazing! Your pecturis really brought back the excitment from that day! You are truly an amazing phehrgraptoo! Thank you thank you thank you!!Kristina and Nathan Key

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