On Monday, January 30th the Sheriff’s Office received 12 reported cases of petty theft from a vehicle. In all 12 reported cases the vehicles were left unlocked. Be on the look out for suspicious people and vehicles in your neighbor. Please call the Sheriff’s Department at 925-646-2441 to report them.

Please see the attached documents on how you can help prevent yourself from becoming a victim in the future and as always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Tony Fontenot, Crime Prevention Specialist

Discovery Bay   925-634-0585



2 thoughts on “CRIME ALERT – Discovery Bay”
  1. Maybe some will get there head out of the seaweed and realize we live dead center in the middle of a high crime region. There are organizations of little hoodlums running from town to town systematically robbing neighborhoods. That is the reality. This isn’t Canada where you can leave your front door, car door or any door wide open for theft.

    1. I agree. As housing prices drop and foreclosures are up, more hoodlums can afford our neighborhood, Thanks, partially, to section 8 housing. No respect for their homes, no respect for their neighbors, no respect for themselves. Sad!

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