The effort to Recall Town of Discovery Bay CSD Director Brian Dawson continues today (Saturday), as proponents set up Recall Petition Signing stations around Discovery Bay.

Stations will be located near Starbucks 10a-1p, Sports Bar & Steakhouse 5-8p, and Boardwalk Grill 5-8p.

Last week, the Recall proponents were asked to leave the Sandy Cove Shopping Center when they selected a parking lot location in front of Safeway.  Safeway had served the petitioners with a notice that they would no longer be able to have petitions signed next to their doors, citing Safeway policy.

Brian Dawson is a Town of Discovery Bay CSD Director, who was elected in 2010, and appointed to the position prior to that by Supervisor Mary Piepho.

Mr. Dawson and his supporters continue to fight the recall effort, citing innacuracies on the website. 

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2 thoughts on “Recall Effort Continues Saturday”
  1. The objection last week was trespassing and illegal collection of signatures by non-Discovery Bay residents. They are free to collect signatures as they wish as long as they follow proper protocols.

  2. I dont know the Dawson family personally, but GEEZ! leave them alone already! This is out of control! This community should try to help & support his family at this time, not turn against and embarass them. Seems really sad to me, Bi-polar is a real disorder & he should not be judged because of it. Discovery Bay is a great community, but I feel really let down by this recall…nobody is perfect and we all have faults, how do you look in the mirror and know you judged someone dealing with a serious disorder?

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