Corn Shucking World Record Attempt

Brentwood Cornfest organizer, Dirk Ziegler, hopes to break a Guiness World Record on Saturday, July 14th, for the largest number of people shucking corn at the same time. The previous record is held by Knots Berry Farm, with 351 people. Ziegler hopes Cornfest participants will beat that record with 500-600 shuckers.

People can pre-sign up at the information booth on Friday and Saturday at Cornfest. Each person will be given a number. The Actual record attempt will start at1:00pmSaturday July, 14th in front of the East stage.

Arrive early to participate. Around 12:15-12:30pmon Saturday, the check-in process will start, allowing people into the designated area where the actual “shucking” will take place. “With Guinness we have to be VERY specific with everything. so there will only be one way in and out so we can count people and also have them check-in as they enter the area,” says Ziegler. “Once we have everyone in place we will announce the start of shucking, which should last about 5 minutes! When everyone is done we will allow people to leave the area and keep their ear of Corn as a souvenir.”

Congressman McNerny and Supervisor Piepho will be standing by as designated witness’s, and another 14 people are stewards (to help witness and watch everyone). The entire effort will be video recorded and photographed.

“The idea came up a few years ago but was never acted on and earlier this year we were discussing the fact that this year is the 20th Year anniversary of Cornfest and what could we do to make it special,” says Ziegler. “I decided to contact Guinness and see what it would take to break the record and found out that the record was set last year at Knott’s Berry Farm with 351 people. We decided that we would take baby steps and go for 500-600 and make sure we get it right before trying to go with many more people.”

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  1. Saturday is July 14th. Sunday is July 15th, my Mom’s birthday. Which is the correct day for the shucking record?

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