You Pick the Headline…
*Crazy Naked Man Enjoys Morning Swim’
Deputies Help Troubled Man to Shore’
(DISCOVERY BAY, CA)    At approximately 7:00 am, Saturday morning (8/4), the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a naked man swimming and screaming in the Delta, behind homes on the 1700 block of Dolphin Place, in Discovery Bay.
Deputies were dispatched to the scene and found the 23-year old, white male naked, shouting obscenities, and hanging onto a buoy. After attempting to call the man to shore, deputies utilized a citizen’s ski boat to approach the man. The man refused to be taken in, soaking deputies with the cold morning water and sharing his thoughts about the entire matter at full volume.
Sheriff’s spokesman, Jimmy Lee, shared that the deputies, along with a friend of the troubled man, spoke with him from the ski boat for about two hours and were finally successful in coaxing the young man to shore. He was taken from the scene by ambulance and is at a local hospital for further evaluation.
Dozens of neighbors say they were awakened to the shouting and commotion as early as 6:00 AM Saturday morning, and were quite surprised at the unusual sight outside.
*Editor’s Disclaimer:  It is not actually known if the young man was “crazy” by definition.  He was acting in a crazy way. Many factors may have caused the strange behavior other than mental illness.
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