UPDATE – WEDNESDAY 8/29 AT 11:00 AM:   Deputy Sheriffs were called to a residence on the 2300 block of Newport Place South in Discovery Bay yesterday at about 3:10 PM regarding an at-risk subject. Two Deputies briefly saw the subject but were not able to make contact. The subject then went inside the residence. As a precaution, residents in the immediate area were asked to leave. For the next several hours, negotiators from the Sheriff’s Office and the family tried to communicate with the subject. At about 6:45 PM, the Sheriff’s Office cleared the scene because there was no response from the subject, there was no immediate danger to the public and no crime had occurred.

TUESDAY 8/28 AT 6:00 PM:    NEWPORT SHERIFF’S ACTIVITY:  Approximately 10 homes have been evacuated around Newport Place due to ongoing Sheriff’s activity at one home there.  A hostage negotiator is on scene to work with a woman who is suicidal, and reportedly in possesion of a gun.  There are no other known persons in the home, but surrounding homes have been evacuated as a safety measure while the woman is being helped.  More details as they become available. – Amanda Dove,Editor-in-Chief, Delta Sun Times