Discovery Bay Community Center!

By Amanda Dove

After more than 30 years of waiting, Discovery Bay is getting a Community Center. 

The Town of Discovery Bay, along with Delta Community Presbyterian Church, has entered into a 90-day escrow period on the 10.24 acre property located at the corner of Discovery Bay Boulevard and Willow Lake Road.  The location is best known as the site of the Discovery Bay Athletic Club. 

The Town of Discovery Bay will assume 7.4 acres of the property, including the athletic club structure.  The club building will make for an immediate home for community meetings and classes, something the 2011 Community Center Committee had focused upon, using the results of their community-wide online survey.

Delta Community Presbyterian Church has hopes of expanding their school, All God’s Children Christian School, on their portion of the parcel.

The process has been a long one.  Many community center plans have been put together over the years, and for a long while it was anticipated the Community Center location would be at the opposite corner on Discovery Bay Boulevard (next to the shopping center), as this was property promised by the Hoffman Company during their home development project in Discovery Bay.  Unfortunately, there was once a gas station at this location, which left contaminated soil, preventing development there.

The cash purchase price for the club site is $1.2 million.  An appraisal and environmental assessment will still need to take place, as there is some small concern the contaminated soil from across the street may have crossed onto this property. 

Several local groups, including the Discovery Bay Chamber of Commerce, have been raising money for this effort for almost two decades. The Chamber itself has raised over $12,000 toward the center, through community events.

Chris Steele, President of the Discovery Bay Community Services District (CSD), said it “feels good to be in action. We’re looking forward to breaking ground.”

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