Crime Prevention Meeting 

Watching Out for Crime

(WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24)  DISCOVERY BAY ———– Discovery Bay residents turned out in large numbers to participate in a crime prevention meeting Wednesday.   Featured speakers included staff from the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department, and members of the P-6 Committee.   Each speaker offered important information and useful advice.

Delta Station Lieutenant Alan Johnson provided an overview of the area Delta Station serves, defining each beat (Discovery Bay/Byron is Beat 32).  Beat 32 is staffed by one Sheriff’s deputy 24 hours per day, and funding from the P-6 Committee provides for another two Resident Deputies, Crime Prevention Officer,  and a School Resource Officer.

P-6 Committee member, Bob Mankin, gave an overview of how that funding works.  Lt. Johnson shared that Discovery Bay has one of the lowest property crime rates in the county (“better than Lafayette and on par with Orinda”), and that violent crime is virtually non-existent in Discovery Bay.

Gary Madison spoke for the Marine Patrol, offering recent success stories useful  advice to residents:

– Waterfront homes should place their house number on the back of their home, so when Marine Patrol comes to serve you, they can identify your home location quickly.

– Boat owners with boat lifts should tie their boats to the dock, so criminals and weather can’t easily take your boat away when the lift is down.

– Call about problem boaters. Take a photo, try to get a CF number from the side of the boat, and if it is recurring, what day and time is it recurring?  While marine patrol may not be able to respond immediately, Madison promises they will follow up on that call.

Crime Prevention Specialist, Anthony Fontenot, offered a comprehensive presentation of crime statistics over the years…  Of the 33 residential burglaries in Discovery Bay last year, 20 of those (60%) homes were unlocked. Unlocked front doors, side garage doors, back sliding doors, and windows.  Fontenot half-joked about the criminal perspective: “What do you think the word is out there about Discovery Bay homes?  They are easy to break into, and they have nice stuff!”  Fontenot suggests residents bring that trend to an end.

A question and answer session followed the presentation and residents were able to start the ball rolling with the Sheriff providing Email Alerts when a serious crime has occurred. This will raise awareness and promote vigilance in reporting within the community.

Useful Information:

– Put this phone number in your phone right now: (925) 646-2441.  That’s the direct number to the Sheriff’s Dispatch.  If you have a suspicious person or circumstance in your neighborhood, especially solicitors, call it immediately.  The Sheriff isn’t bothered by your call, and every call is useful to them.

– Online Reporting and Tips:  — On the bottom left side of the home page is a tab to click Online Reporting.  This is a great place to report tips and crimes and all reports are followed up on.

– Neighborhood Watch.  Crime Prevention Specialist, Anthony Fontenot wants to come to your neighborhood and speak about the Neighborhood Watch program.  Call him at Discovery Bay Station:  (925) 634-0585 or email him at

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  1. (925)646-2441 is not the Delta Station Number but The Sheriff’s Department Dispcatch number to call when you are reporting suspicious person’s or vehicles. This is the number to call to speak with any of our deputies that are on patrol are you wish to report sometnhing.

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