lifejacket Life Jacket Law Requires PDF on Man-Powered Vessels

According to Lt. Powell from the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department Marine Patrol Unit:

Current law requires that all vessels on navigable waterways, whether powered by manpower, motor or sail, must have a USCG approved PFD aboard for every passenger. This law applies to peddle boats, kayaks and paddle surf boards. PFD’s that are inflatable (suspender type or fanny packs) must be worn, unless there is another, non-inflatable type PFD aboard the vessel. Children under the age of 13 MUST be wearing the PFD at all times.

The Sheriff Marine Patrol Unit has stated they will be issuing tickets for this offense at Paddle for Fame, June 29, so don’t forget to bring yours!

5 thoughts on “Life Jacket Law for Kayaks/Paddleboats”
  1. So does that mean when my kid dives off the dock and swims out to me while I’mnfloating in a paddle boat I must quickly give him a life jacket when he climbs out of the water into the paddle boat? Life jacket required when in the paddle boat but not when in the water?
    Am I missing something?

  2. Does that mean I can swim across my bay without a life jacket but if I paddle across my bay on my standup paddle board I need to have a life jacket?

  3. Does that mean an 11 year old can swim without a life jacket but needs to wear one when on a standup paddle board or paddle boat?

    And the Sheriff is going to enforce this at the Paddle for Fame? Give me a break, you can swim into the event but if you climb onto a paddle boat or board you need a life jacket?
    Promoting safe boating is a good thing that is welcome. Telling people they can swim but they must have a life jacket on their standup paddle board is just plain dumb.

  4. We need the town of Discovery Bay to pass an ordinance calling all the no wake zones within the town either a swim, surf or bathing zone! (That boats may pass through). A PFD is not required in any of these three areas.

    Oh, and don’t forget your whistle as well. Have to have a PFD, a whistle and
    a light in case you get stranded at paddle for fame and it gets dark.

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