OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Discovery Bay School’s Loss is Vacaville’s Gain

(Tuesday, June 18) —- The Vacaville Unified School District Board announced today their selection of Danielle Storey, as the district’s Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services.

Danielle Storey has been the principal of Discovery Bay School for two years, following her role as Vice Principal at Excelsior Middle School, and an educator in the Byron Union School District for many years prior to that role.

BUSD superintendent Ken Jacopetti also recently left the Byron Union School District for the Vacaville district, where he is now Superintendent of Schools. A new Superintendent for this district is expected to be announced June 28. No word yet on a replacement principal for Discovery Bay Elementary School.

The VUSD website states: “The Vacaville Unified School district announces the appointment by the Governing Board of Ms. Danielle Storey as the new Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services. Ms. Storey is a proven instructional leader from Byron Unified School District who will begin her duties on July 1.”

3 thoughts on “Danielle Storey to Vacaville School District”
  1. She is a bully and has No business working at any school! This woman has let someone physically harm one of my friends son and bullied her employee’s at the school… I feel sorry for Vacaville school district

  2. The level of impropriety between these two is unparalleled. My opinion, Daniel Storey is not fit to run a day care, oh that’s right she tried that also, epic failure…Her tenure with the BUSD was riddled with atrocities against students, poor leadership as a supervisor, and out of touch with parents. If she weren’t sleeping with Ken, then why the rapid advancement of someone not qualified at the times of promotion, were there no qualified candidates, I think this was not the case rather nepotism and adultery were the leading indicators of Ms. Storey fast Backing her Career. I am thankful the BUSD has rid themselves of Both Ken Jackoffpetti as well as his fairy tale Storey.

  3. It is my opinion that it is Discovery Bay’s GAIN by her leaving. She taught (term used loosely) both my kids math at Excelsior. My daughter said she would be online shopping for kids’ clothing, and actually ask their opinion on her selections.

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