tipjar Dear Community Members,

Times are changing! Our children are growing up in a world where technology is a part of daily life. It is imperative that we embrace these changes by implementing technology into their education, so that we can prepare them for the future and ensure their success. To successfully obtain the tools and resources needed to support the implementation of technology and 21st Century Learning, PTSA will be hosting “Tips for Teachers” at The Boardwalk Grill this Monday, August 26, from 5-9 PM.

This is by far the most exciting fundraiser of the year. How it works is, as you enjoy a delicious meal, a tip jar will be passed around from table to table. The more money our community puts inside, the more money Excelsior will raise to support Technology on our campus. In addition to all the tips earned, The Boardwalk Grill will also be giving a small percentage of all sales back to our group (so go ahead and order in). All money raised will go directly towards the purchase of a Computer on Wheels Cart which comes with 32 Google Chrome Books.

This technology will directly impact out student body in positive ways. According to The Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology, studies show that technology can:

– Influence student academic performance;
– Develop high order thinking and problem solving skills;
– Improve student motivation, attitude, and interest in learning;
– Help prepare students for the 21st Centuries Global Economy; and
– Address the achievement gap of low-performing and at-risk students.

I hope to see everyone at this wonderful fundraising event and if technology isn’t your thing, well if you come at least you wont have to do the dishes.


Kelly Basmagian, Principal, Excelsior Middle School

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  1. WHAT A FANTASTIC IDEA!!! Byron continues to lead the way in awesome education!!! Kelly rocks!!!

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