Jamal Acito

Discovery Bay’s New Harbormaster, Jamal Acito

The Discovery Bay Yacht Harbor welcomed it’s newest harbormaster this month, Jamal Acito.  After serving as assistant harbormaster for many years, and as an employee of the Discovery Bay Yacht Harbor on and off for almost two decades, Acito was awarded the new role after the departure of Harbormaster Bill Grummel in early October.Discovery Bay’s New Harbormaster, Jamal Acito

Jamal Acito has been a well-known, friendly face at the marina since the 1990’s, when he was trained and rose through the ranks under the late harbormaster, Jeff Dawson, whose legacy of sharing the marina with the community he intends to carry on:  “I appreciate that people want to use the marina as a place for fellowship and to enjoy community events,” said Acito. “It’s my responsibility to make sure we can do that and still take care of the property.”

This 39-year-old charmer grew up at marinas around the southern Delta. A child of the live-aboard boating experience, Acito’s childhood home was aboard boats at Lost Isle, Tiki Lagun, and Holland Riverside Marinas.  Acito was shuttled by boat each day to attend Holt Elementary, then later attended Knightsen School and Liberty High School.  He and his wife live locally and are working on growing their family to include little Acitos in the near future.

Acito shared his philosophy for his role as harbormaster: “We see all walks of life here at the marina. From the very rich to the very poor. Everyone is here for the same thing – to enjoy a day out on their boat, however large or small.  It is our responsibility to treat everyone equally and with respect, and to make sure they have an enjoyable experience here.”