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Emergency Response at Discovery Bay Marina

On June 14th there was a fight between two men on a wake board boat near the Discovery Bay Lighthouse. As a result a 24-year-old female passenger ended up overboard floating unconscious in the water. A good samaritan from another boat jumped in the water and saved her. She was then dragged onto the swim deck of the original boat and it took off for the Discovery Bay Marina.

The Klipp family witnessed the incident from the their vessel and followed behind in their boat calling 911 requesting the Sheriff and medical help. Once at the Discovery Bay launch ramp mouth to mouth was performed on the woman while several of the people on the boat took off in different directions including the main perpetrator.  Shortly after arriving at the dock a Sheriff arrived by the Fire Dept an ambulance. A second Sheriff arrived and he was dispatched to track down the perpetrator who was ultimately found and detained. The woman was then air lifted by a Medevac helicopter.


Link to photos of incident


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  1. Is there any follow-up to this story? Would like to know how the injured girl is doing.

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