Letter from Liberty HS principal following an out of control senior prank today…

Today some students created a significant disruption at lunch, beginning with the throwing of water balloons and escalating to the throwing of water bottles. One student was taken to the hospital by ambulance. We are reviewing video footage and taking disciplinary action as warranted.

We also cancelled tonight’s Powder Puff football game. Additionally, we have suspended all extracurricular activities until further notice. It is unfortunate that we must take this action, however today’s events were unacceptable.

First and foremost, I must ensure the safety of our students. School must be a safe place to learn, eat lunch, and hold extracurricular activities.

Next week I plan to meet with student leadership groups to review our expectations for student behavior. Hopefully, these discussions will lead to a positive and productive end of our school year.

If your son or daughter has any additional information that would be useful to the school administration, please have him/her see his/her den administrator.


Pat Walsh