Meet the candidates…

The Discovery Bay Community Services District (CSD) is the form of independent local government our community uses to provide services such as water, sewer, parks and recreation activities in this unincorporated area of the county. Whereas an incorporated city would have city council with full local control, our elected CSD directors serve to mange these limited services and represent our community’s interests to the county, sheriff and fire district.

The CSD has three openings this election cycle. There are four candidates and each voter may select up to three.  In this edition, each of the four candidates has provided a statement he hopes will help assist you in this important decision.

The candidates are:  Kevin Graves, Bryon Gutow, Brian Roger Lax II and Robert Leete.
All four candidate statements are in this issue. Mr. Lax declined to provide a photo.




  • Currently I am running for my home Town of Discovery Bay’s Board of Directors in the Nov. 2018 elections. I am also running for the high school district that I graduated from’s Board of Governing Directors names Liberty Union High School District. I have volunteered numerous times at my mothers work which is Tyrell Elementary School. Another highlight I would like to mention is the leadership roll I have taken in the high school I attended 07-11 by becoming a 3 year member of the club Leadership, 2 year and officer position in the Link Crew Club, and 1 year position in the Yearbook Club. One of the biggest events I helped volunteer at was the Big Cat Poker Run, and I hope to make events like that continue to happen in our amazing town. Currently, some meetings I’m planning on attending are the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District on the October 18, and November 14th, and any meetings of elected I would be requested to attend. I also am a pilot that has flown solo, and flights with my girlfriend to places such as South Lake Tahoe, Colombia, and Chico. I have been a resident of Discovery Bay for going on 15 years, and have worked at various restaurants in town and am now enrolled at ATP flight school in Livermore with the goal of flying for American Airlines. I plan on living in Discovery Bay my whole life and would like to bring a face that’s fresh and ideas that are new to the town.
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As a twenty-four-year resident of Discovery Bay, I am passionate about our town.  I raised my son, Joey, here as a single parent, met and married my wife here and have enjoyed the benefits of living in this community.

My career path revolves around being of service to others.  As a Veteran Outreach Specialist with the State of California, I have the privilege of providing benefits and resources to the veteran community.  I also am the founder of ‘Some Gave All – The Joey Graves Foundation’ which gives me the opportunity to work with the survivors of military death.

Being a board member of the CSD for the last thirteen years, I have seen a lot of change.  As the seated Board President, it is a privilege to be of service and represent each one of you.  We, as a board, have had many challenges to deal with: growth, constantly changing state requirements and expanding services. I carefully consider each decision we must make.  Some decisions are very routine, but some can be more challenging.  The most important thing I can do is listen to you.  I would encourage you to reach out to me by email at, or by calling the office with your specific concerns or suggestions to make our community better.

I humbly ask for your vote for Kevin Graves for Director, Town of Discovery Bay.



Retired Finance Director

My age is: 68
My occupation is: Retired Finance Director
Education and Qualifications: BA, California State University East Bay. Graduate Studies, Golden Gate University

It has been my honor to serve you on the Town of Discovery Bay Board of Directors for the last four years. I have focused my energies to help improve our organizational efficiencies and assure that our limited resources are put to the highest and best use for our community. The most important job of an elected official is to establish policies to prioritize and approve the expenditure of public funds. The Town of Discovery Bay is responsible for providing safe/reliable drinking water, treating and disposing of wastewater, maintaining our landscaping/parks and delivering recreational opportunities to our community. As a financial professional with over 40 years of experience, 20 of which were involved in water and wastewater utilities, I know first hand the challenges of setting community priorities, delivering quality services and balancing a budget. I also volunteer my time and serve on the East Contra Costa County Water Management Agency as well as the Contra Costa Treasurer Oversight Committee. I am asking for your vote to continue representing you on the Town of Discovery Bay CSD Board of Directors. My goal is to represent you openly, honestly and respectfully. I am uniquely qualified, prepared and committed to help guide our community. Again, I ask for your vote on November 6th.
Respectfully, Bob Leete




Let’s Make Discovery Bay Great Again – Bryon Gutow for CSD

Discovery Bay Resident & Homeowner since 2004

Discovery Bay Realtor licensed and active since 2006

Discovery Bay Chamber of Commerce Past President

Discovery Bay Lions Club current President 

BS – San Jose State University

MBA – Golden Gate University

I have been a resident of Discovery Bay for over 14 years.  In the past several years, I have seen a lot of changes – some good and some questionable. 

As a local realtor, I am very fortunate to not only live in this amazing community, but also to make my living here as well. As such, I have the incredible opportunity to interact with both current and future homeowners to discover what is important to them. I believe this gives me a uniquely different perspective and understanding that differentiates me from the other candidates. 

As president of the Discovery Bay Lion’s Club and past president of the Chamber of Commerce, I am actively involved in organizing community events that improve the quality of life in our community while also supporting local schools and important charities. 

My goal is to bring new and relevant ideas to the CSD as well as treating current issues with a logical and common sense approach. I humbly and respectfully ask for your vote on November 6th.

– Bryon Gutow