The Liberty High School senior class is watching the year they’ve been waiting for slip away. Homecoming dances and senior sunrise, fall sports and Friday night lights, college tours, marching band and plays are just a few of the promised final year memories that will never be made.

To help cheer up the students of the senior class, the “Adopt a 2021 Liberty High School Senior“ Facebook page was formed. Here, family members and friends can post a picture and a few words about their favorite senior. Members of the community then look through the photos and choose one or more seniors to “adopt” by dropping them small gift baskets of their favorite goodies along with encouraging messages of support.

While being stuck at home may not seem like a hardship to an adult, it is difficult for teenagers to be isolated and the broken promise of a senior year is, for some, the greatest disappointment of their young lives.

Please, join fellow community members in lifting up the Liberty High School Class of 2021 by selecting a student from the “Adopt a 2021 Liberty High School Senior“ Facebook page!

Do you know a Liberty senior? Check with parents to make sure their senior is included.