Congratulations to Bella Krassow, of Discovery Bay! First female Eagle Scout!

The Boy Scouts of America first opened to girls in 2018 and Bella Krassow Is among the 2020 graduating class of Eagle Scouts, their most prestigious award, and first Female. Congratulations, Bella Krassow!

The BSA will award all girls who complete their Eagle Board of Review between October 1, 2020 and January 31, 2021 membership in the Inaugural Class of Female Eagles. This allowed for fairness due to local restrictions due to COVID. Bella Krassow has completed her board review. fellow Discovery Bay girls in her troop expected to achieve the award in this cycle are: Riley Lee, Katie Neely, Piper Dolnick, Katey Block, Rebecca Morganstein, and Drew Morganstein (all from DB) will also be in the Inaugural class…..although I won’t be certain until they complete their Board of Review as well.

We ran a story on Bella in August. Here’s a little more background on her project….