Voters in Discovery Bay & Brentwood are experiencing missing candidates and measures on their ballots, and 2-hour lines.

Discovery Bay example: “Line was 2 hrs long at DB community Center county lady sent everyone to excelsior said that they opened up to vote anywhere. (Name) went to excelsior after waiting an hour at DB. Does not have DB CSD voting/candidate info on it! He told them and they canceled his ballot so he can go back to DB but many are not going to do that they just won’t vote. Might want to get message out.”

Brentwood example: “Hey there I spoke to voters services and told them that there are names left off the ballots as well as complete measures left off the ballots in Brentwood. Whoever I spoke to just said he was going to tell his higher ups”

By Delta Sun Times

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One thought on “Voting Irregularities in East Contra Costa County”
  1. We were not provided with a photo of private ballots but these items were confirmed by the poll locations and county election office is addressing these as they occur.

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