LetThemPlayCA – A group of parents, coaches and student athletes announce a second round of rallies planned across the State

Nearly 50,000 Student Athletes, Parents and 700 Coaches Say Data Supports Safe Condition
for Play and the time has come to get the youth of California back to playing sports

The #LetThemPlayCA group comprised of California high school sports coaches, parents and
student athletes, have requested Governor Gavin Newsom permit youth sports to resume
immediately through a formal request (letter) to the Governor’s Office recently. The group has
now organized, by popular demand, a second round of #LetThemPlayCA rallies to be held
throughout the State of CA this Friday, January 29th across California.

The coalition has already requested that Gov. Newsom respond to the fact that the data
demonstrates that youth athletic competition does not pose any significant Covid risk to the
participants, or the community at large,” said #LetThemPlayCA Co-Founder, Ken Elliott.

Cofounder of #LetThemPlayCA, Brad Hensley, states that, “The return to youth sports will afford
California the opportunity to reverse the current youth mental health crisis from continuing. By
letting youth sports resume, it will send a clear message to the inner cities that they matter and
our youth’s mental health matters. California’s children are an Essential Business.”

The letter the group recently issued to the Governor’s office explains that data from other states
shows that through the implementation of reasonable safety measures there is no health risk to
student athletes. Additionally, the letter asked the Governor to show compassion for inner city
youth and the mental health of student athletes who have been unduly impacted by the
shutdown of high school sports.

(As cited in the recent letter to Governor Newsom)
Mental Health Impact on Children
The ban on youth sports competition is currently creating an alarming negative mental health
impact in the areas of suicide ideation, anxiety, depression, and acts of suicide. More than
3,000,000 children in California ranging from T-Ball, to youth soccer, to all high school sports have
been “benched” since March 2020. The current sports color-tiered system will be unattainable
for most sports in the timeframe for the 2020-2021 season.

The following Cities will all be holding #LetThemPlayCA rallies respectively: