(Brentwood, CA)   With just three months left until graduation, the senior class at Liberty High School has missed both junior and senior right-of-passage moments that define the high school experience – Junior and senior proms, homecoming games and dances, varsity sports and letter opportunities, senior sunrise, and all the glory that comes with just being a high school senior.

When it became clear last September that the school might not be opening in the fall, senior parent, Wendy Perry, started the Adopt a Liberty Senior Page to help lift student’s spirits with small gestures of kindness from the community. In the months since more than 200 parents of have joined together and formed a Liberty Class of 2021 – Unofficial Facebook and Instagram pages – which serve as a support group, information source, and a forum in which to create opportunities for each student to be recognized for the work they have done and the challenges they are facing. The Delta Leos Club, a local teen chapter of Lions Club International, also joined the effort to help with event logistics and support classmates.

In December, the parents purchased “Virtually Indestructible” lawn signs which showcase the sports and activity logos of the senior inside of the home.  In January, the group hosted “Free Dutch Bros Day,” a decorated drive-through event in which every senior was cheered on and received a free beverage (paid for by parents and community sponsors). On Saturday, February 20, the group will host the “Liberty Seniors Amazing Race,” a scavenger hunt for cash and prizes throughout downtown Brentwood’s most iconic locations.

“Unfortunately, the school cannot offer official events, nor promote unofficial events, to the senior class. The county health order does permit this kind of safe activity for small teams moving within their own cohorts,” shared senior parent, Amanda Dove, who says the community has rallied to make this fun event possible for the Class of 2021, with every senior receiving gift cards and prizes at every event stop. “We are hoping this will lure teens outside– particularly those now suffering from anxiety and depression. We want them to see their classmates, enjoy a day of fun, feel how much they are admired and ‘seen’ by the community. Unfortunately, we have no way to reach out to every senior and so we are expanding outreach efforts to let each student know, they can still register for this free event, at:  https://conta.cc/3iP5JGZ and check out the social media pages for other upcoming events.