One-third of the 347 homes in Discovery Bay’s Centex/Regatta Park neighborhood have signed a petition requesting speed bumps on the busiest streets of their neighborhood.  The group intends to take turns speaking at the April 7th DB CSD meeting, hoping to present their case and have action taken on their behalf.

Tiffany Sayre, who lives on Regatta Drive, has been spearheading the effort. Her own experience along the busiest section of Regatta drove her to begin the petition process, and hopes her entire neighborhood will step up during the April 7 teleconferenced meeting to be heard: “We need to be a part of this meeting, start voicing about our concerns about the danger in this neighborhood, and share the many valid reasons that justify speed bumps here.”

“Sailboat, Regatta, and Yacht Drives. These streets are clearly the most impacted by the danger and people here are just over it,” shared Sayre.

I live on the Bixler side of Regatta. People fly down the street at every hour of the day. Sometimes it feels like they are accelerating in our bedroom!  Homeowners have a right to be happy in their homes, and have peace of mind.”

Sayre’s husband was almost the victim of tragedy just recently as an impatient driver attempted to pass a truck and trailered boat, lost control and came inches from taking him out on the sidewalk.  Sadly, the pets in this neighborhood aren’t as lucky, often falling victim to speeding or distracted drivers, and are simply left. In addition to safe driving concerns, crime statistics in the community would benefit from speed bumps as well: “It is so easy to get in and out of the neighborhood,” Sayre stated, “making us targets for crime. Speed Bumps would slow them down or deter them as well.”

“I understand that emergency vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances need to access our neighborhood and speedbumps are not great for that, but the danger we are already experiencing outweighs the risk of the potential slowdown our emergency responders might encounter,” offered Sayre.   “I’m really hoping that because it’s a call, more people can join, and I really hope our CSD Directors will truly see and hear our concerns in a way that makes them take action.”

The call information for the April 7 meeting is: May be an image of text that says 'First Wednesday of the Month @ 18:00 hrs. TO ATTEND BY TELECONFERENCE: Toll-Free Dial-In Number: 848-2216 CONFERENCE ID 5193676302#'