California Candidate for Governor, Tim Herode (R), announced his candidacy at an official campaign launch event March 18, at Campos Family Vineyards, in Byron, CA.   Herode joins the race ahead of any significant noise from the two other [anticipated] republican hopefuls, Cox and Faulconer, in a quest to unseat and replace California’s battle-weary governor, Gavin Newsom, now facing a Recall election.

In the Campos event center, (primarily) existing supporters, party organizers and media filled seats to the permitted capacity of about 150 guests. Herode was introduced by venue proprietor and campaign supporter, Michelle Campos.

Herode, the father of four, introduced his family then followed with a 45-minute introduction of his campaign platform, touching on school choice, water and forest management, transparency and integrity issues, and fiscal accountability.

Those interested in the campaign can find out more on social media @timherodeforgov or visit the official campaign website