On Saturday, April 3rd, a small army of Discovery Bay volunteers began to gather at 9pm. Large bags and boxes were distributed to them before they swiftly disappeared into the night. Almost immediately, reports of strangers on lawns began to swirl. Other reports were of slow moving vehicles with spotlights. It seems helping the Easter Bunny is a sneaky business.

Throughout the night, volunteers scattered eggs across the lawns of 1,063 children, with the last eggs dropped around 7:00 AM. For the 2nd year in a row, the Discovery Bay Lions’ annual Easter Egg Hunt could not happen, so they brought the hunt to the kids.

Special thanks go the Discovery Bay Lions and Delta Leos Clubs, Scout Troop 514, and the Nunley, Leyen, Block, Romero, Duckworth-Iljias, Vanbindsbergen, Armstrong, Becerra and Sigsworth Families for this tremendous effort.