(BRENTWOOD, CA) – LUHSD Parent, Garrett Harper, spoke on behalf of voluntary masking – choice for all – at the Board of Trustees meeting, Wednesday 7/21.

Harper shared a wealth of undisputed facts to support his common-sense-position, on behalf of his sons and approximately 10,000 students in the district, pointing out: “We are at a school now, in a room full of adults choosing to mask or not mask. Kids should have the same choice.”

Board members appeared to be largely in agreement with Harper and other parents who spoke to the same point but stated their hands were largely tied and suggested this fight was best taken higher up the ladder.

The State of California mandated mask wearing in the classroom but left enforcement of the policy to each school district. Several school districts in California have been public about their decision to not enforce the mandate.


In similar news today, California’s organized #LetThemBreathe and #ReopenCaliforniaSchools campaigns filed a joint lawsuit against Governor Newsom, CDPH and others, declaring the mask mandate to be unlawful and not based in science or in line with CDC guidance.