New Homes, Lakes & Delta Trails Approved in Discovery Bay

(DISCOVERY BAY) – After 25 years of plans and revisions, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors approved the “Pantages” development plan in July. The project, first proposed in 1996 as a deep water, 120-lot custom home development, was followed by various stages of revision-attempts over the next 20 years before developers decided the pursuit of deep water permit approvals was fruitless, abandoning the deep water home community plan and corresponding Sherrif’s Marine Patrol substation, in favor of the land-locked, builder-developed new home community plan now approved. 

Many community members expressed dismay at the large number of new homes in a community already scarce in emergency response services and heavy with congested commutes. Supervisors and local planners saw funding solutions to long-standing community issues in funding proposed by Pantages developer, Lazares Development Inc.:

  • $200,000 in new home assessments added to the P-6 Zone, which funds Discovery Bay’s resident Sheriff deputies and a variety of valued safety programs in the community;
  • Developer-paid traffic signals installed at the intersection of Point of Timber and Bixler roads and a contribution toward regional transportation improvements;
  • $400,000 developer payment to ECCFPD for the construction of a new fire station, plus $100,000 annually to staff it;
  • $1,175,000 in developer payments to the Town of Discovery Bay, exclusively for parks and recreation funding.

The  Pantages community will lie on western side of Discovery Bay, at the end of Point of Timber Road. When complete, it will feature 

  • 277 new homes (some dedicated to affordable housing), with lots ranging from 6,000 to 12,000 square feet, 
  • Planned Community Clubhouse
  • Two artificial lakes, a 23-acre lake is planned for the southern part of the development and a 7-acre one for the northern section. and new public access walking trails that offer two Delta wildlife viewing areas: Over the marsh/protected wetlands area, and the other of the Delta’s Kellogg Creek area of Discovery Bay.