For the first time in 16 years, Reclamation District 800 needed to hold an election for their Board of Trustees. From a historical perspective, there are typically few interested in volunteering for this low-profile role. The entity doesn’t hold much glamour however its purpose is essential. Following the public confusion recently apparent on local social media sites, we’d like to ‘Re-introduce you to Rec-800 (RD800)…’

For nearly a century, Reclamation District 800 has been the trusted source of flood protection for the Byron Tract, including the community of Discovery Bay. Our levee system, like our community, is one-of-a-kind. We don’t quite conform, and that’s what makes us special.

Our levees provide the backbone for the state’s largest inland marina and act as a gateway to the Sac/San Joaquin Delta – a recreational playground for boaters and sport fishers, among others.

Our quality of life – most especially our safety – depends upon the strength of our levees.

Our levees protect more than 7,000 acres, 3,600 agricultural and residential properties – and many thousands of lives – from flooding. That protection doesn’t happen by chance. It requires ongoing maintenance, improvements and repairs. That’s the job of RD800, and their team is both vigilant about improving and maintaining our levees and fiercely protective of our great quality of life.  RD800 wants to keep river waters where we can enjoy them – in the river.

Reclamation District 800 is responsible for the operation and maintenance of nearly 19 miles of levees protecting 7,000 acres of agricultural, urban, commercial and industrial land in Byron Tract. [service area map]. Activities include:

  • Providing flood protection for 3,600 properties Inspecting levees for areas that need improvements or repairs
  • Evaluating levees to ensure they meet state and federal guidelines for a minimum of 100-year flood protection
  • Supervising design and construction of levee improvements or repairs
  • Providing residents with information about flood insurance and emergency preparedness
  • Managing drainage and water circulation within Discovery Bay’s lakes and lagoons
  • Reviewing residential/commercial construction on and around levees and slopes

Property owners within the Districts service area pay a modest annual assessment for these services. They also elect a five-member Board of Trustees to manage the district’s approximately $1 million annual operating budget. The budget is funded through assessments, property taxes and reimbursements from the State of California.

The RD800 Board of Trustees meets at 10 a.m. the first Thursday of each month at:
1540 Discovery Bay Blvd., Suite “A” Discovery Bay, CA 94505.

At time of publication, the RD 800 vote counting was incomplete, but the currently seated board includes:

  • Robert Lyman, President
  • David Harris, Secretary
  • Tim Bubniak, Trustee
  • Tom Judge, Trustee
  • Frank Morgan, Trutee

Source material courtesy of Reclamation District 800 –