JetAhead™ by InstaJet - 

[CHICAGO, IL, June 27, 2022] — Car dealerships traditionally offer a courtesy car benefit to customers while their vehicle is being serviced. Now, MRO’s can provide the same benefit to their customers, offering a courtesy plane, with JetAhead™.

Private jet broker, InstaJet, announced their aviation industry game-changer this week; the JetAhead™ program is designed to solve the real-world problems of both owners and MROs, replicating all the benefits of whole aircraft ownership but — similar to a typical car rental or courtesy car — with day-by-day availability.

MRO operations, challenged with maintaining and improving customer engagement, while coordinating their own schedules and service capacities, understand aircraft owners invariably want (or need) to keep flying, while service is being performed.

Owners of a business aircraft invest in the ultimate freedom to travel quickly and efficiently. With this, they absorb the responsibility of performing necessary, scheduled, and non-scheduled maintenance, and the occasional burden of an Aircraft On Ground situation, often resulting in a last-minute interruption of plans. To avoid business setbacks, owners are often forced into schedule changes or into the on-demand charter market. Challenging, infuriating, and expensive, these options simply cannot replicate the benefits of whole aircraft ownership.

JetAhead™ mimics the established car rental / courtesy car model; Simply reserve a replacement aircraft and continue flying without interruption. Busy MRO businesses might choose to suggest JetAhead™ in the event of a delayed aircraft release, to encourage maintenance bookings at a time that benefits their schedule, and/or simply to stand out from competitors with this significant added value to their service offerings.

“JetAhead™ ensures the customer has total access to a fully-crewed aircraft for a day, or several days if needed,” shared enthusiastic InstaJet founder, Nick Davis; “A single, fixed daily reservation fee guarantees the aircraft, crew and the fixed costs typically associated with owning an aircraft. YOU control and set your own itinerary as you see fit, either in advance or while underway. Alternatively, an aircraft could be kept on standby, ready to meet their last minute needs, just as they might with their own aircraft.”

Other program highlights include – Advance booking discounts and reservation extensions [if needed and available]; No charter cancellation fees; No fuel surcharges; No need to invest capital into a Jet Card or Block Hours program; No exposure to the pitfalls of supply and demand.

This essential solution for aircraft owners is finally available thanks to InstaJet’s JetAhead™, and with aircraft reservations offered for as little as $8,000 USD per day, InstaJet may truly have just invented the “courtesy plane.”