Discovery Bay’s ‘ROAR’ – Preparing to Serve Every Community in America

‘ROAR’ is Preparing America to Meet the Needs of a Great Generation

(DISCOVERY BAY – NOVEMBER 29, 2022) —- Discovery Bay is home to an amazing nonprofit organization recently endorsed by the World Health Organization, AARP, ACT Workforce, and RocketLawyer, to name a few. It’s R.O.A.R. – Resources for Older Americans & Retirees – founded less than two years ago by Discovery Bay’s own, Roger Boaz, a well-known Bay Area fiduciary and probate conservator for people when they need help the most.

Boaz hopes ROAR can fill a critical gap in human services that is fast-approaching as America is experiencing the largest senior population in American history, representing more than one-third of all adults by 2030This senior-surge is commonly referred to as the ‘Silver Tsunami’ – a term not intended to be derogatory toward older Americans, but to express the enormity and seriousness of the challenge before us.

“Our nation is unprepared to meet the needs of 80 million older adults, with massive workforce and volunteer shortfalls in essential senior services… Medical Services, In-Home Caregivers, Workforce Training & Opportunities for older adults, Food & Nutrition Services, Drivers, Elder Abuse Prevention, Community Services and Outreach, Safety infrastructure, and – most importantly – in our commitments as volunteers.“ 

Boaz states a “nationwide, cultural initiative must take root. Americans must rethink and reimagine views of older adults, and begin to promote the joys of helping, caring, and volunteering.”

“The first generation of Americans financially prepared to stay in their homes, Boomers have lifted a tremendous burden historically imposed upon future generations. This great generation deserves respect, kindness, and care. We must establish a new tone surrounding aging and the ‘Boomers.’

ROAR empowers individuals and communities with the knowledge and confidence needed to prepare for the ‘silver tsunami’, providing free caregiver education and national access to:

  • Live Presentations & Workshops
  • Video Tutorials & Webinars
  • Training Guides
  • Certifications
  • Printable How-Tos
  • Special Resource-Focused Events
  • Current Statistical Data & News
  • Referrals to Trustworthy Service Providers, via our exclusive Trusted Partner Network

To get involved, or to find out more about ROAR, visit ROARCA.ORG